Lovely Awards

Long Back Trupti had passed me some Awards and had to collect them nd I like a dumb doll Just checked them nd 4got to publish so how about doing that today?? Ok Ok i will do that. Yest Pavithra of My Diverse Kitchen awarded me i remembered about Trupti’s awarded and started hunting for the award in my earlier posts...... Huh!!!! I found it i found it I yelled! I m sorry Trupti :(
I will do it now. It’s just 4 months of blogging and i have all these awards . My hubby dear is also very much happy as his beautiful wife is doing something wonderful and is cooking lovely food for him.
Thank u trupti. Trupti- A all-rounder who has everything in her blog may be starts from starter or ends with a dessert.

Thank u Pavithra – Dishes from my Kitchen is new to me but still leaves her wonderful comments and has lovely foodies in her blog.
I wud love to pass these awards to some of my lovely blogging friends,
Ujwal- My first person from whom i learnt ABC of blogging and who has lovely dishes in her Kitchlab.
Varsha Vipins – who has awesome food and clicks in her space.
Namratha Kini – who has simple nd easy foodies at her kitchen.
Neha – who has tasty recipes and hosts wonderful event.
Lubna’s Yummy Food- whose food is not only Yummy but easy to do.


Congratulations......Oh God raining awards...Thank you for thinking of my blog....
Uj said…
Hey congratulations.. enjoy your awards dear.. you deserve it.. Thank you for thinking of me
Neha said…
Congrats for all the awwrda, u deserve them all,n thanx for thinking n passing thenm to me..

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