Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buttered Onions with Mushrooms & Pickled Cucumbers

Easy To Cook Good To Eat

This Post was lying in my drafts from months............. Daizy Aps was Lazy, but today she is found time to blog!! I had made this for myself one afternoon as my hubby was'nt there for lunch. Trust me its simple tangy and crunchy....

Here is the recipe:

We need:
Pickled small Cucumbers- 1/4th cup
Sliced Mushrooms -1/4th cup
Sliced Onions-1/4th cup
Chopped Capsicums -3tbsp
Tomato Sauce -1 tbsp
Soya Sauce -2 tsp
Fresh Corn Kernels -3tbsp
Butter -3 tbsp
Low fat cheese slice-2
Salt to taste
Method: Heat butter add onions and fry them till crisp. Then add sliced mushrooms,cucumbers, corn kernels,chopped capsicums and mix well. Add soya sauce,tomato sauce, salt and mix well, fry for 5 minutes and remove from flame and cover it with cheese slices and enjoy this crunchy stir fry.

I m sending this to Event 15 Minute Cooking by Mahima.

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