A Soup Filled with Love

Truely this soup is filled with loads of love.
I was stuck to bed from last 2-3 days because of weakness (still don’t know why !!) The first day I was so weak that I couldn’t manage to stand. Its hubby darling who did all the cooking before he went to office.As soon as he realized that I couldn’t manage to even get up from bed …he came back from office to take care of me …in the afternoon he cooked konji. In the evening he made fresh orange juice for me.Whole day he was with me and took care of me. In the evening I wanted to have a hot soup so that I feel energetic…hubby said he will make it but he didn’t know to make one and the next question which soup? He took a look inside the fridge and said nothing except “PUMPKIN” !! I said pumpkin soup will be nice to which he reacted …yeeeeeeeeeks…Later he agreed to make the soup as below
2 bowls of chopped pumpkin
1 full chopped onion
1 clove garlic chopped
1 t spoon butter
1 table spoon corn flour
50 ml milk / cream
A tsp of pepper
And salt as per taste
Fry the chopped onion and garlic in butter till it changes color then add chopped pumpkin to it, fry it for while till turns pink. Now add milk. Heat it till pumpkin becomes soft.After cooling this mixture grind it fine with salt, pepper and corn flour.Finally add enough water and boil it.Serve it hot with a basil leaves / mint leaves.
After tasting this soup my hubby’s reaction changed from yeeeeeeeeeks… to yummmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy...
I am sending this to Neha’swhose hosting SWC: Soups.
I might be the last one to post isn't it Neha?


Neha said…
Sooooo sweet of ur hubby, to take care of u so nicely...
Soups looking yummy, must have changed reactions.., and also i don't think u may be the last, as still a day is left.. :)
Trupti said…
soup looks delicious Aparna. How are you now?
Take care.

Happy Women's Day !!
Aparna Prabhu said…
Far better Dear.
And Happy Womens Day!!

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