Cool Cucumber Turns Hot/ ಬಿಸಿ ಬಿಸಿ ಸೌಥೆಕಾಇ ಸೂಪ್

Cool Cucumber Turns Hot!!

Ah!! Cucumbers love it any time. Probably u opt me cucumbers or have a simple lunch/dinner we would prefer cucumbers first. Anything with cucumber would do for us. Those were the days of school where I never missed cucumber and tomatoes in my lunch box. A saaru (rasam), sheeth (white rice), cucumber salad or slices was my perfect lunch. If I never had them in my lunch OMG I used to come home and used to start telling ‘Amma aji itya taushe na?’ and my face would fluff. Anu used to make it sure he gets cucumber ne time he went to market. And in school everybody knew what would be in my lunch box. Miss those cool days. Once I entered college NO LUNCH BOX NO CUCUMBERS everyday because I had to rush and had no time to slice them. But I made it a point to eat them regularly. Ok ok I’ll turn off from school, college & come back to my recipe. As I was starring at these cool ones there stroke an idea how about making these cool ones Hot?? I horrored these cucumbers with sharp knife & got them into pieces then decided for a soup! What say? Amma never thought cucumber soup wud taste good but hmmmmmm it did! And from that day on I love these Cool ones Hot.

I miss Gaunche Taushe (the one we get in Mangalore). Any cucumber is Tain Tain Fish in front of these. But what to do after all its cucumber I have to compromise. Now that I started cooking after 3 days of rest (though I was not well I was on Cloud 9 as my sweet hubby was cooking for me) I decided to have something cool but hot & that was Cucumber Soup. Slurp! I love it. Here also my hubby dear lend a hand bcoz i wasn’t the old Aps( was still a bit feverish). Any ways after the entire story I pen down my recipe.

Here is what we need:
Cucumber -3 if small(or 1 large)
Onion -1chopped
Coriander leaves- few strands
Basil/Tulsi leaves – almost 10 leaves or say 2tsp
Garlic – 2 pods
Salt to taste
Pepper powder – 1tsp
Butter – 1 tsp
Corn flour -1 tbsp

Heat a pan and add butter.
Then add minced garlic, onion & fry until soft.
Add chopped cucumbers (peeled), basil leaves/tulsi, salt pepper powder & fry for 5 minutes (do not add water).
Remove from flame & allow it to cool.
Once its cooled grind into fine paste by adding corn flour.
Remove it in a pan heat and add required quantity of water.
Get it to boil and then serve hot.
Soup is ready to Slurp!
P.S: If u catch cold then u can add little more tulsi leaves and have this soup as it is really good for cold, but reduce qtty of cucumber (they tell cucumber is cold but not when heated) and increase the qtty of tulsi.

I m sending this post to Neha’s AFAM: CUCUMBER as well as her SWC: SOUP


Neha said…
So nice of making cool cucumber hot.. :)
Thanx for sending ...
Aparna Prabhu said…
U r always welcome dear. :)
Wow soup with cucumber.....Yum Yum...
MamaFaMi said…
Looks simple to prepare... must be yummy too..
Uj said…
hey dear.. good soups coming up.. looks great... hope you are doing better :)
Trupti said…
what a lovely soup Aparna.
Aparna Prabhu said…
The most easiest soup i tried And really yumm. nd yeh m doing better dear.
sharada said…
Nice interesting blog.
Been here many times but never commented.
But seeing that ur not feeling well thought to wish you to get well soon and blog nice recipes.
The soup seems yummy.
Aparna Prabhu said…
Thank u Sharada that was so sweet of u.

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