Bowls of Kheer on display

This time I m going to add mine and Guru’s fav’s first, then continue with other dishes.
Gulab jamun Guru’s recent fav, is done. Now next is Dudde Kheeri. Thanx to Z Marathi.
I have learnt this kheer fron=m this channel. I found it very interesting so the first thing what I did is the next day when I went to market I picked up a pumpkin and decided to get it done. Not much kheer did I make because amma was not sure thatit would turn to be good. But when all tasted the kheer they found it really good. Then on I decided to make it whenever I got pumpkin at home.
Dudde upkari /Pumkin stir fry happens to be one of my favorite dish. And most of them have heard about this, but when I spoke about dude kheeri to Guru he had a big ????????????? in his mind and told makka nakka laik jaina the (I don’t want it wouldn’t taste good). But when he had it he found it so tasty that he started liking it. Now even when I get pumpkin I get the yummy kheer done.
Last time we went out we got a large pumpkin just because we couldn’t find a good one in small. I never had a thought what I would do with the remaining that’s because I knew it wud do go for the kheer.
I had written a lot about kheer in my last blog but :(
Anyways, here is the recipe:
2 cups of peeled and grated pumpkin
5 tbsp semolina
1 cup sugar (for this u can add as per ur choice of sweetness as pumpkin is lil sweet)
3 cups milk
1/4th tsp cardamom powder
Cashews- 7
Ghee- 2tsp


Heat ghee, add cut cashews, then add semolina and fry for a minute then ass grated pumpkin and fry until soft.
Then add 1 cup of milk and boil for 5 minutes, once its boiled add remaining milk and get to a good boil.
Add saffron strands dissolved in a tsp of hot water
Once boiled add sugar and once dissolved boil it for 5 minutes. Then remove from flame.
Serve hot or cold
(here we add semolina for thickness)

Huh! After pumkin kheer it twists on to DUDH PAAK(rice kheer)
As I had come from a typical Brahmin family where pooja’s havan’s, where done we always had one or the other sweet at home for Naivedya( offering for the deity), so there was one or the other sweet at home nay be it kheer or godda godhshe, god povu or saakre povu, sheera or sapath. Amma used to prepare all sometimes I used to get the pride of doing these.
Mind me anything Amma prepares turned out to be good. These aren’t my words but eqach person who tastes her food had to say the same.
Kheer or godda godshe(jaggery kheer with coconut milk) any one among these was my dad’s fav. But Godda goshe he loved any time. And I was the one who was a lil far from it. I love any kheer with milk. So I thought I’ll add one more among them Dudh Paak.

We need:
1 cup basmati rice
4 cups Milk
1 cup Sugar
Cardamom powder-14th tsp
Almonds and cashews- few
Few saffron strands

First dissolve saffron strands in tbsp hot water and keep aside.
Boil 1 cup of rice in 2 cups of milk in cooker and get 3 whistles. (I used cooker because I could save time and felt the taste good.)
In another vessel add boiled rice and 2 cups of milk get it boiled add sugar and mix well
Then add saffron water and get a small boil.
At last add cashews, cardamom powder, and almonds.
Remove from flame.

Once we add sugar keep stirring as there are chances of the kheer getting stuck at the bottom.


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