Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artichoke Stir fry

Just gimme 3 minutes il get u a starter ready.
I had never heard about Artichoke when i was in India. I came to know when Guru just mentioned about this and we got frozen Artichokes. I liked the taste of these and prepared stir fry until these were empty.
The most simple one i could do.
here is what's needed:
Artichoke hearts (frozen) -5
Onion finely sliced -1
peper powder-1tsp
salt to taste
vinegar- 2 drops
Olive oil -1tsp
Heat pan and add olive oil.
Then add sliced onions and fry till brown.
Slice artichoke Hearts and add it i the pan.
Just stir for a minute and add salt,pepper and vinegar drops.
Mix well and remove from flame
Serve hot.
P.s : U can add dark soya sauce
Can also use fresh Artichokes but it is a lengthy procedure.

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