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Rulanva Shevai/ Rawa Sevai/Rawa String hoppers

Normally Shevai is made with Rice back in Mangalore. I have experimented with Rawa/Rulanv and it’s a huge success at home. There is no soaking grinding rice and difficult procedures. You can make shevai anytime you wish. If you do not have a Shevai Dante(sevai pressing machine) do not worry you can do it with Chakkuli/Chakli machine.

Without Much a do I will post the recipe for Rulanva Shevai/Rawa Sevai/Rawa String Hoppers Rawa-2 cups Coconut 2 tbsp Salt to taste Water approx. -4 cups Method: In a grinder jar take 2 tbsp coconut add little water and grind it into a very smooth paste. Transfer this paste in a deep bottom pan and switch on the gas/flame, immediately add 2 cups of water and allow it to boil. Once boiled add salt 1.5 tsp or salt to taste and 2 cups rawa. Mix it well using a ladle to form a soft dough. Switch of flame. Now knead the Rawa mixture and make small cylindrical balls out of the mixture. Place these on a plate. Heat the steamer or pressure cooker (without placing the weight)…