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Homemade Cherry Yogurt

I make homemade yogurt in the simplest way possible as my kids love both fruit and yogurt. Here is a simple recipe for Cherry Yogurt
♥ 3 cups plain yogurt. For future recipes you can use the plain homemade yogurt to start new batches. ♥ Cherries to taste (I used approx 1 cup pitted dark cherries) ♥ Sugar to taste (I used just a tbsp is good for this recipe as cherry were sweet)
For the puree:  Blend some pitted and diced cherries to a puree consistency, do not  make into fine paste.

Whisk yogurt till smooth. Add the pureed cherry to the yogurt and mix gentky. Transfer the mixture into a airtight container with lid, refrigerate it for about 3 hours. Once the yogurt is chilled, enjoy this healthy recipe, it's delicious, rich and fresh.
Aps Notes: You can use red cherries too. Adjust sugar as per your taste, of cherries are sweet reduce the sugar. Happy Cooking,