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Kesari Bath / Saffron Flavoured Rice Pudding / Kesari Baat

Happy Deepavali to all Aps Kitchen Reasders. Deepavali/Diwali is a festival of lights, it’s a festival where we rejoice with family and friends, light Deepa/diya’s and celebrate light over darkness and good over evil. Apart from this we enjoy all goodies made at home and from neighbors home too ;). We here actually don’t stock things during Diwali, as I really don’t wait for any occasion to try out any dish, but make sure I prepare some sweet during festivals. So here is Kesari bath/ Saffron flavored rice pudding/ Kesari baat This is served during marriages or functions in mangalore but I personally am not fond of this neither is my husband but I thought this needs to be here in my blog to showcase variety of sweet dishes even though they aren’t my favorite. I followed Kudpi maam’s recipe from KudpiRaj Garam Tawa, there he has added pineapple but I haven’t done that here rest the recipe remains same. Basmati Rice / Jeera rice -1 cup Water -2.5 cups Sugar – ¾ th cup (add according to your s…