Rose Coconut Laddoo

It was one such time when I wanted to experiment something sweet I started looking in my pantry and found Mapro Rose Syrup which was almost getting empty or say just 2 tsps were remaining… I couldn’t use it to make rose milk  and nearby I found some desiccated coconut, so coconut laddoo I thought about.
The recipe is very simple and requires only 3 ingredients

 Dessicated coconut - 1 1/2 cup and ¼ th cup for coating the laddoo’s
½ cup condensed milk
2 tsp rose syrup
¼ th tsp Cardamom powder
Ghee to grease your palms(just a few drops)
Heat a pan in medium-low flame add desiccated and roast for 50 seconds to 1 minute. There is a tendency for it to burn if you roast too much, add in condensed milk, rose syrup and mix well until mixture leaves the sides of the pan, add in cardamom powder and mix well. Transfer it to a bowl and allow it to cool a bit. When it cools down (about 4 minutes) and able to handle grease your palms with some ghee and start taking tsp of mixture and roll them into balls. Roll them with the desiccated coconut and arrange them in a plate. Refrigerate for 20 minutes to set. You can store them in air tight containers for a week.

you can use more rose syrup to the mix about 2 tsp more if you want a rich rose flavor, when you do this add a little extra desiccated coconut.
If you want deep pink colour you can even add  a little pink colour, I have skipped this so the light colour to my laddoo’s .
You can even add a few dried rose petals if you have.
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