Ambe Gojju/Mango Gojju

I love mangoes in any form raw or ripe….  and when it comes to raw I remember the school days where we (a bunch of friends)  used to get raw mangoes in the class and eat it during the class itself …he he he…. One used to get salt, one chilly powder and one used to get raw mangoes and we all used to relish it…. We vern’t caught though…… nd when we used to walk home back from school there ver so many memories….. tomboys hitting  stones at the mango tree. And by chance if we found one 
we used to keep it in our bag and as usual next day it was mango treat in school….. sometimes we cudn control our cravings so it wud get empty at home itself :P
Our school had its own farm which had mangoes, jackfruit, jamuns, and what not…. Nd many memories r there even there… I really m missing those days !!!! L
And about ripe ones a lot more to share…. I must say it’s a 
big story so another time….I have some sudden cravings… may be it food or ne thing 
else… its always tht if I have to do something I got to do it there nd then…. Nd yesterday it happened to crave for Ambe gojju……
I peeped into my kitchen and found lozza mangoes in the pantry so I took only 1 for gojju and kept remaining for Ambe 
(and only 1 bcoz I was all alone)
Amma used to make this regularly during mango season….. and 
we used to relish it.


So here is the recipe:

Mango – 1

Sugar -2 tbsp

Green chilly 1

Salt to taste


Remove the mango skin and add the skin in ½ cup 
water(preferably small cup) and remove all the juice stuck to the 
skin… do this for 2 times…

Now add sugar and salt to this mango water, Add green chilly 
and mix well until sugar dissolves.

Now add the mangoe in it allow it to rest for atleast ½ n hr so 
that it absorbs the sugar salt nd spice…(u can eat it there nd 
then… but we love it this way)

Ambe Gojju is ready to serve.


Tastes Yum Yum  when u add lozza love in it.

Simple and yummy.

U can enjoy this with roti or rice...whereas i love to eat it after the food. 
M sure many of u have such school memories….. 

Lotz more to hear,

Signing of for now,


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