Monday, March 4, 2013

Avaale Khadi/Amla Rasam

I had posted this recipe long time back but as all of u know i had lost all my amchi posts so i have decided to  post all of them one by one. And today its Avale Khadi 

So here I am with a interesting and a Authentic Amchi dish.


Avale Khadi/ Gooseberry Khadi
We need:
Gooseberry – 3
Fresh scraped coconut- 1 small cup
Red chillies – according to spice(I used 3)
Garlic – 10
Oil/ghee – 1 tbsp
Cook gooseberry until done.
Now deseed them and grind it along with coconut and roasted red chillies into a very fine paste.
Remove this mixture into a deep bottom vessel, liquefy it into a thick rasam or daal consistency and heat it.
Add salt to the khadi.
In a small pan heat oil/ghee and fry crushed garlic. And temper it on the khadi.
Boil it for 3 minutes and switch of the flame.
Hot Avale khadi is ready to serve.
Tastes Super with White Rice.


Till my next post miss me,

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