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Maralva Panna Phodi/Maralva Pathrado/ Deep Fried Taro Leaves

After around 3 months time I really feel I have forgotten blogging or say feeling like a new blogging kid!!
And as always we toddler Mom’s always have a excuse- The BABY!!!  Unlike all times I  have started making use of my time along with my Lil toddler. The day starts with her and ends with her…. Cooking something new always happens over the weekends…… As I have HIM at home J and I guess that’s what happens at most of the places! 

Now to one of the authentic Konkani specialty Chitte Panna Phodi, I am sure u may be wondering as to what is this Chitte paan… sounds like chitti??? The rajanikanth robot?? This has nothing to do with technology! 
Maralva Paan means Tree Taro leaves and is commonly found during Monsoon!!
Remember my Monsoon Magic Recipes? This time i couldnt make it But u can have a look Here
 And Amma made this one when I was in mangalore during my last vacation! 

Here is the recipe for it!
Tree Taro Leave( Maralva Paan) -12
Hoorna (Roasted Black Gram powder/ roasted urad dal pow…