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Announcing The Winner of my First giveaaway

Hello Folks!! As I said the Winner of this Giveaway will be announced this week. And accordingly My Lil M has chosen the lucky winner!! Actually I was expecting for a heap of participant but anyways I m not feeling sad or bad in anyways…. Picking the lucky winner was difficult as M had to give me only one chit where as she was pouring down the whole bowl then after a long time she did!!  And The Winner Is Nithu Bala from Nithu’s Kitchen. Congrats Nithu J
I m sure this book will help u in many ways J. Today I have nothing to post!! Not that I cant I have been caught up with some work. So here are some Mango Relishes which u can see and relish!!

Homemade Sambar Powder And My First Giveaway!!!

Hi Hi Hi Everyone!!
All r wondering y so many Hi’s The reason is special And that’s because Its my first give away and you all are welcome J
All of u get worried when your favorite clothes get stained??? Or when your your lil one pours something on the sofa??? Then here is a Book which is on my giveaway!! STAIN REMOVAL- By Stephanie Zia.

Have u read the book Ten good reasons to lie about ur age??? She is the author of this book too…
The reason behind giving this book is when my Daughter M spilled curry on my clothes I had peeped in this book and had got solution to this and now my Kurti is looking just like it was before J Yeh!!!!!!
Rules for the Give away :

You got to like my page either on Facebook, or follow me here.And Just message me why you want to win this book!You don’t need to be a Blogger you can be my Friend or even their friend J
Isn’t it that simple??? So come on Like, Message And Win!
This will be shipped anywhere in India!! If u stay Abroad then don’t worry Give me any A…