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Monsoon Magic Recipe# 9 - Ponsa Mulik/Jackfruit Fritters

Hello Folks,
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Did U all Enjoy my Monsoon Magic Recipes??? 
M Sure The answer would ofcourse be a Yes!!!!
With my last post I have ended my Monsoon Magic Recipes I wanted to continue it still but that i lacked time i thought i will post some of the recipes Next Year.... Ok??? With this recipe I am ending the first series of Monsoon Magic Recipe
So todays recipe is Ponsa Mulik

We need:
 Jackfruit 9-10 deseeded bulbs
1 cup fresh grated coconut
1 cup grated jaggery
1 cup sooji
Pinch of salt
Coconut Oil to deep fry
Grind jackfruit bulbs, grated coconut and jaggery together adding little water. Add salt and mix well. Add sooji little by little and mix. If you add all of sooji at once, there might be lumps. And also the mixture might get very dry and hard. Make a mixture of thick consistency so you can make small balls.
Heat coconut oil in a deep frying pan. Use a tablespoon to take small portion of the mixture and deep fry in the hot oil until golden brown.

Tastes Yum Yum  wh…

Monsoon Magic Recipe#8- Janavro ani Keerla Ghashi

In one of my previous monsoon recipes I told u that soon I will be posting a recipe with fresh bamboo shoot cubes. So here is the recipe: Janavro ani (ani here means and)keerla ghashi Janavro is known as avre in kannada and hyacinth beans in English. This beans goes very well with keerlu. The keerlu’s are cut into disks or long pieces and stored in bharni/or glass bottles or any big bottle that u have. My mom usually cuts the keerlu and makes 4 separate batches, 1 is the keerlu disks for preserving, 2nd Keerla Neeli tender bamboo chops, 3rd is the tender bamboo tops, and 4th is cubes which is used just in 3 days. This dish is made with fresh bamboo shoots.

I’ve told u how to use it yet I am writing it again. To clean the bamboo shoots, add water until it is slightly above the shoots. The next day throw the water and add fresh water. It can be used on 3rd day after discarding the water and giving it a rinse. This is supposed to remove the bitterness of bamboo shoots 

Now to make the Ghashi her…

Monsoon Magic Recipe #7- Maddi Humman

I am so happy that I can post so many monsoon recipes here . I we back home grew up eating all such monsoon amchi dishes. But these days the young generation have almost forgotten such dishes. The reason to start this Monsoon Magic Recipe is to keep the recipes fresh in our mind or to give the recipes to all who never know such recipes or even to the ones who forgot about this!!!!

Maddi (a Konkani word) also known as Colocassia thick root is one of the monsoon vegetable available in market. While using this one must be very careful, sometimes it can cause itching while cutting it, So apply oil before cutting, still if it happenes so then apply tamarind water on the hands. Maddi is added to accompany legumes (such as ghashi or coconuit based dishes just like suran) or Humman is made out of this. Humman is a thick porridge kind,tempered with garlic, and dish is white in color, just because I had kept beetroot along with this in cooker it has got pinkish color.
Here is the Humman recipe: Madd…

Monsoon Magic Recipe#6-Ganti Talasani

Here in Mumbai Ganesh chaturthi celebrated with a blast. That doesn’t mean elsewhere its not!!!M sureall of u came out of the celebration mood. So lets get back to the simple cooking.
Here in my  even back in my house Amma does’t make any garlic and onion dishes the whole shravan month until Ganesh chaturthi. I avoid cooking onion and garlic dishes this month but sometimes I cant manage but I strictly so not make dishes with it Sundays, Mondays and Fridays of this Shravan month.
As shravan has come to a end and simple cooking has started here is a simple Monsoon Magic recipe # 6Ganti Talasani

When I posted the Gajbaje recipe I showed u how to make the Ganti/knots. Here is another monsoon recipe with Ganti Here is the simple and Yummy recipe Ganti -30 knots 6-8 garlic cloves
3 dry red chillies
1 tsp oil Salt to taste Ambado crushed-4(if ambado/hogplums are not available add Bimbul or for sour taste u can add raw mango) Method: Pressure cook Ganti along with crushed ambado with 1 cup water for …