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Creamy Avocado Whip

The First taste of Avocado was when I was 13….. We never knew what was it until my Pacchi (mom’s younger sis) got it for us from Coorg…. And that is when I fell in love with this fruit….. From then we started getting it every year when she came to Mangalore… And the session of getting it continues till date…. We either make Avocado Whip or Avocado Milk Shake that is what all prefer at home. When my hubby first came home(my place) my mom just asked him if he wud have the dessert he had a reaction yuck… I don’t like avocado.. … But mom told leave all the fuss just taste it n then he replies…. Mayi Is this really Avocado????  And tells I ate something else I guess this is so yummy from then He too fell in love with this fruit…… So how about sharing the simple recipe with all ya…. I am sure all who do not like avocado also will fall in Love with it JJJ
So here is a simple dessert made with Avocado Loved by all…. 

1 avocado, peeled and pitted1/2 cup milk(with ceam)1/4 cup white s…

Beetroot Kosambari

For me or say us eating A big bowl of Salad is equal to a full meal :P But these days I have my lunch as well as a Big Bowl of Salad…. This is a Simple salad which can be made easily and is just Superb. Beetroots are rich in iron & other minerals. Beetroots are very good to relieve constipation & are very good for obesity. Its fibre contents promotes healthy cholesterol levels, helps to build red blood cells.

Here is what we Need: 1  large Beetroot1 Medium sized onion1 Green chilly1/4 Cup of coconutSmall piece of lemonCoriander leaves for garnishingSalt as per tasteMethod Peel and Grate the beetroot and keep aside.Then add coconut, green chilly(chopped) to the beetroot with little salt & mix well.Chop the onions finely & add to the beetroot mixture.Squeeze the lemon & add salt as per taste.Finally garnish the salad with coriander leaves.And Serve.

It has been long time i participated in any event... So here…