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Tawa Pulav

I have always loved rice dishes…. Tawa pulav is the one I always ate nd loved but never knew how to prepare it…. Thanks to Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor for showing this recipe in his wonderful show Khana Khazana……U can watch the vedio here

One fine day when we were so bz playing Carom it just struck my mind that Ah….Khana khazana myt be going on on TV….I just changed the channel nd what do I see….One of our Fav dish Tawa Pulav… I left my game aside nd saw the whole episode… I tried it the next day itself so tht I can pack it for lunch.

1/2 Cup Basmati rice
1/2 Cups chopped mixed vegetables(Carrot diced,Beans cut in lengthise,Capsicum cut in small dices,Gobi florets)
1/4 cup Fresh/Frozen Green peas boiled nd mashed
1/4 Cup chopped Tomato
1 medium onions chopped
1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
2 tbsp pav bhaji masala(the key ingredient in this pulav)
1/2 tsp red chilli paste(add if you want extra spicy stuff)
2 tbsp coriander leaves
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt to taste
2 tbsp Oil

Award time and m enjoying my holidays....

Hey foodie ladies... M here with lozza awards showered on to me by priti....thank u gal it means a lot to me.
M enjoying my whole week as we r having Ramadan Holidays.... I wish all my Muslim frenz Eid Mubarak. Nd Its Navarathri time too... so wishing every one Happy Navarathri...may God fill joy in all our lives.
The honest scrap tag i have already done u can find more about me here

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Questions :

1) A - Available/Single - Sigh.....Those were the times....Now None its only about my Guru.
2) B - Best Friend ? -- Hey there y only wud be injustice if i mention only 1.
3) C - Cake…

Veggie Burger and Lemon Mint Cooler -Weekend Blast!!!!!

Hey foodies!!!!
U guys enjoying weekend…. M envying u all…… I m done with my weekend….Ne ways my weekend was toooooooooooooo gud y so many “o”s don’t worry I’ll tell u y….. We had a Burger Party at home where I prepared burgers nd Lemon Mint cooler…..nd all enjoyed the burger to the last bite nd cooler till the last sip…... They praised me so much…. I was on cloud 9…. All roadie freaks went to Gelato…….yum it was just melting down our mouth….. I just relished it like I never had something like tht before. Now don’t ask me whts the difference between Gelato nd Ice Cream….This cud tell u more than me. U can find gelato recipe here. Ok now after all this the real part of my weekend which made me start searching if there was cloud 10 :P. I got a beautiful surprise from my sweet hubby…. B4 u ask me wht lemme tell u I got 2 wonderful jewellery sets :P…..

Are'nt those beautiful???
Mind me i never expected it at all…. Now don’t ask me if tat was my anniversary gift… It wasn …. Ok I don’t…

♥ Focคcciค....ค first bคked breคd ♥ Nd M being Honest ♥

Ah! We never ate lozza bread during our childhood. It was always tht we ate bread only when we were not keeping well :P…but as we grew we started getting bread at home…Eggless- Harish Bakery bread (this one as it was one of the Amchi’s bakery nd one of our known ppl). As time pasd we started lovin the City Bakery Bread it was so soft nd moist….
Amma started making sandwiches (2-3 varities )…Anu doesn’t eat though(bcoz he never ate onions nor garlic). I loved the fried onion sandwich vch amma made….I remember the day we bought tht sandwich toaster….:P
We had been to Market in blore(10 yrs bac) tht….my aunt was just married nd new to tht place…she just took one jamun(jambul in konkani …the purple colour berry vch we get during april may) from the batti for taste so tht she cud buy the Bai (lady) there started shouting… Enamma hange tinnodu 50 ps kodi…. (how can u eat like tht now gimme 50 ps for one jamun) we were shocked actually as at tht time 50 ps for one jamun was so costly….:P…..g…

Mushroom peas Pulav -Guru's Style

I was not well yest morning…Cudn even get up…had severe headache….Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…I had to pack something or guru’s lunch box…but wht to do I cudn do nething….but it was so sweet of my hubby tht he told he will cook…he got up early(he doesn get up other dayss though :P). every time I cook peas pulav Guru keeps on telling Aps don’t add Khada gram masal…but I add to tht it doesn taste gud vthout tht it gives a flavor…But this time it was guru who cooked this for me…nd u kno he will not add garam masala :P…
But mind me even tht tasted yummmmmmmmmmmm……
When I had my lunch I found mushrooms in the pulav(vch was a surprise ingredient).
I was sumwat ok by afternoon so I tried to get a click…m not making the dish luk gr8 as it was…Sorry Guru….

Here is what he did
First he soaked 1 cup of rice for half n hr….
Then in a bottom vessel add ghee, and fry almost 10-12 Cashewnuts(broken), once they r brown add sliced onions(1), add peas, mushrooms, and rice nd fry for a minute or two then add 2 c…