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A year of Love

Last year on August 22nd I changes from Ms. to Mrs……and was tied up with the World Best person……I must say he is my life......I remember each nd every moment we spend together today we cherished all the lovely moments….I had my best gift with me :P apart from tht Guru gave me something very very spl.

I was wondering wat shall I do for this day???? I asked my best buddy wht shall I do? I wanted to give him a Cannon Camera P10….but here I cudn go all alone (as it is not allowed) I was just like a fish without water :P…….I even asked Lubna wht cud I do?? She suggested me about a card nd a good d├ęcor…I had tht ready but I wanted something more apart from tht…. Then I decided to go for shopping vth guru and just skip once nd buy tht camers for him (Camera bcoz from past 5 months he is thinking of buying it but always told will buy later now I have a good Cam ne ways :P :P). As I thought I went for shopping and tried skipping but this guy was all the way with me then phew his colleague call…

Orange & Carrot Punch

My 50th post and I m so happy and I wud love to share a cooler to get cooled
as we always know have lozza values in it…they act as antioxidantsand protect against heart disease….they r used for facial treatments too….I remember every time my mom ate a orange she kept some shallots for facial nd my bro used to keep on blabbering….if u don’t want to eat then don’t waste y r u wasting it on ur face….:P but now he stopd it…..I never throw the orange skins too….I dry them and powder them finely and use as face pack…my beauty tip u know :P :O……..use them in salads….nd many more to go….

Carrots……… Both of us (G nd Me) can eat them raw drink the juice of it…..but don’t like it cooked…….exept in tikkis or burgers (unless we don’t find big pieces) but halwa both of us love it donno y even though they r boiled its our fav ;P sounds strange na???

As both have nutritional values how about mingling these both???? Good idea isn’t it?

Here is how I did it:
Oranges – 5-6 oran…

Zeebra's Hunt

Lozza Bloggies have this in thier list Ain’t it?.........

Bulk drafts in my blog as I was bz with my saree I cudn keep posting here now tht I finish my second one here I will surely think of being regular……This post was lying in my drafts from months yeh yeh I remember I told I wont cook ne thing vth egg or fish this month..but I nvr told I wont post ;) this is a long bac post I wud love to post now……

Most of my frenz have have followed the recipe from Deeba’s Blog and I have tried the same. Thanks Deeba. But my cake doesn have lozza stripy luk as I had prepared a small qtty. But the taste was Awesome…It just was spongy nd yummy nd lovely…and wht not?
Now I m sure I have stepped out from play school of baking to KG classes.
Happy Blogging!!

Tastes Yum Yum when u add lozza love in it.
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Happy Friendship Day

FRIENDSHIP is a networkthat needs:
no recharge!
no charging!
No roaming!
no validity!
no activation!
no signal problems!
just don't switch off your HEART !
HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY! || Forward this Picture

Happy Friendship Day to all my bloggie Friends!!

Enjoy nd icrease ur bloggie Friends yr by yr!!!!
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