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GULAB JAMUN/गुलाब जामुन/ಗುಲಾಬ್ ಜಾಮೂನ್

My new blog starts with a sweet dish. Where is the old one might be the question, it got deleted by my great mistake. I am feeling bad for it now because guru felt bad the most about this. He asked me to start a new one. He would be the most happiest one when he comes to know that I started one today itself! How cud I make him unhappy? At last what I want is his happiness. So I started a new blog where I m going to post most of my recepies which I’ll be doing.
Don’t wonder y I wrote the name GULAB JAMUN nd start my story. I’ll surely continue with this dish.
I pride myself to write about Gulab jamun first because I was praised so much for this by Guru always I prepared it. I commit to doing something, I make it sure it’s done and I add up all my effort I could. Each time guru wanted to eat jamun I never said “No” or “I’ll Try”. It was always Jaith (Ok).
Every time Gulab Jamun was prepared at home I was happy not because I have prepared it instead I get a wonderful feeling when Guru a…