Kokum Popsicles/ Birinda Ice Candy - Summer Coolers

Like sweet and tangy kokum sharbat? This time, have it in a sorbet or popsicle. “Kokum is very cooling for the hot season. To keep it healthy yet make it tasty, instead of sugar add some jaggery to it, which makes it healthier.

Ingredients Needed to make Birinda Ice Candy/Kokum Popsicles:

Dried Kokum petals (if you find fresh then use them it’s just super:) – 6-7 pieces

2 tsp beetroot grated 

Black salt just a pinch

Jaggery powdered – 5 tbsp or according to sweetness required

1 tbsp lime juice

Water 2.5 cups approximately

Sabja seeds -1 tsp (optional)


Soak the Kokum in the bubbling hot water around 1 cup for about an hour (or just add water in the peel and cook it for 10 minutes and allow to rest for half an hour). Rest the  1.5 cups water in the refrigerator.

Grind it  with 2 tsp beetroot in a blender or mixie.

Strain the mixture through a sieve.

Now boil the strained puree.To this add Jaggery and salt and reduce till a thick concoction. To this concoction add 1 cup of chilled water, lime juice,sabja seeds and and taste. If you feel the need of more water then add orelse stop at 1 cup. I have added only 1 cup as the kokum petals I have used is of last year.

Now pour this juice in popsicle mould and freeze it for 6 hours or overnight.

Enjoy the tangy and sweet frozen desert.


Aps Notes:

You can use ready made kokum syrup to make these popsicles if you don’t have sun dried kokum petals.

If using fresh kokum then only 2 kokum puree must be good for the above mentioned recipe.

If you do not want to add jaggery feel free to use sugar.

Using Sabja seeds is totally optional i have used it as I was experimenting and we loved it.

Do make and enjoy these beautiful frozen pink pops.

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