Rulanva Shevai/ Rawa Sevai/Rawa String hoppers

Normally Shevai is made with Rice back in Mangalore. I have experimented with Rawa/Rulanv and it’s a huge success at home. There is no soaking grinding rice and difficult procedures. You can make shevai anytime you wish. If you do not have a Shevai Dante(sevai pressing machine) do not worry you can do it with Chakkuli/Chakli machine.

Without Much a do I will post the recipe for Rulanva Shevai/Rawa Sevai/Rawa String Hoppers
Rawa-2 cups
Coconut 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Water approx. -4 cups
In a grinder jar take 2 tbsp coconut add little water and grind it into a very smooth paste.
Transfer this paste in a deep bottom pan and switch on the gas/flame, immediately add 2 cups of water and allow it to boil.
Once boiled add salt 1.5 tsp or salt to taste and 2 cups rawa. Mix it well using a ladle to form a soft dough. Switch of flame.
Now knead the Rawa mixture and make small cylindrical balls out of the mixture.
Place these on a plate.
Heat the steamer or pressure cooker (without placing the weight)and place the plate with the Rawa balls and steam it for 15-20 minutes.
Once you put off the flame of the steamer, immediately press it into noodles. If not the steamed rawa balls tend to harden a little as they cool and it gets difficult to press them.
Use a traditional pressing machine or muruku/chakuli press to press the noodles and lay on a wet and drained clean white cloth .(this is done so that the steam is escaped and the Shevai does not stick with each other).
Serve the pressed noodles hot and enjoy with sweet coconut milk or a spicy side dish.

Aps Notes:
Use fine Rawa for the Shevai.
There is no need to use coconut also in the recipe. I like the flavor of coconut so I have added 2 tbsp.
Do not add extra water as the mix will get sticky and shevai will not come neat.

This is Shevai Dante|String hopper maker. This has chakkuli/murukku maker and even ribbon pakoda maker. It can be dismantled and is compact to carry overseas. It weighs approximately 3-4 kgs. Material is Hindalium, if it’s steel or brass it I’ll weigh more.This picture is specially for those who have messaged me from many days to send the picture. Hope you can find one for yourself. This is available in an steel shop in Mangalore in Hampankatta area.
 P.S this is not a advertisement or promotion to the above picture.

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