Udida Appo/Urad dal Appo/Urad dal Paniyaram/Paddu - Tiffin box series

Udida Appo
Urad Appo
Urad dal appo
If you have dosa batter then you must make try this Appo. Its very easy to  make and one of best things to pack for kids tiffin and even a best breakfast item.
Lets check out ingredients required to make this appo:
Dosa batter/Paniyaram/Appo batter
Here is what we need:
3 cup rice ( dosa chawal/ Dose Akki/pole tandul)
1 cup split black gram lentil/ Split Urad Dal
Methi seeds/fenugreek seeds -1/4th tsp
1 tsp salt
¼  th cup Poha
Method to make batter:
Wash and soak rice,urad dal and methi seeds for atleast 5 hours.
After 5 hours soak poha for 5 minutes and drain it.
Now drain the dal and rice mix and keep the water for later use.
In a dosa grinder or mixie grind soaked rice, urad dal,methi seeds and poha until smooth adding very little water at an interval of 3 minutes. Grind the batter atleast for 10-13 minutes. Make sure the batter isn’t too watery.  Ferment this batter overnight or for 8-10 hours.

Dosa/Appo batter is ready.
Lets make Appo/Paniyaram with this batter.
Heat a appo pan/paniyaram pan add 2 drops of oil in all the cavities add some mustard seeds and urad dal in the cavities (totatlly optional, I love the crunch of dal and mustard), when mustard splutters fill the cavity with the batter 3/4th as they will rise,  cover the pan with a lid for 2 minutes and cook on medium heat.
When they are done on one side flip it over the other with a spoon or a chopstick.
Cook till the appo is done and golden. Make sure ypou cook these on a medium low flame as the inside of the appo needs to get cooked evenly.
Serve Appo with chutney or thokku.
Aps Note:
Adding tempering in the cavity is totally optional.
If you cook appo on high flame it will turn brown but wont be cooked from inside sp cook it on medium to medium low flame.
This tiffin box has Udida Appo/Urad Appo/ Urad Paniyaram with Pudina Thokku,Plum and cherries for mid snacking.
Enjoy making and eat healthy.
Till later then,
Happy Cooking,


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