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Potato Murukku/Batate Chakkuli

Potato Murukku is a easy snack which I learnt from a very nice group in FB. Thanks to Mrs Shobha shenoi for the recipe. Here I am passing it to you lovely readers to try it at yourself.   This is a perfect snack for Diwali. Lets Get Cooking ! Ingredients:
Rice flour-1 cup (i used store brought one with name Idiyappam flour)
Potato-1,medium sized
Ajwan seeds/Oma kaalu- 1 tsp
Hing powder-1/2 tsp or Hing water(i.e diluted solid hing water) -1/2 tsp
Chilli powder-1/2 tsp
White or black sesame seeds/Til -1/2 tsp(i've used white)
Butter/oil-1 tbsp
Salt to taste
oil to fry ( I use coconut oil for known reasons)

Method: Pressure cook/ boil the potato well. Cool peel the skin and grind it in to a paste in the mixer grinder/mixie. In a mixing bowl add flour,ground potato paste,ajwan seeds,hing,salt and butter/oil and mix it well. Then slowly add very little water and knead to a non sticky dough. Grease the murukku press with oil and fill the dough. Press it gently and drop it in hot oil. Fry them well. Repeat t…

Goli Bajo/Goli Baje/Mysore bonda

Goli Bajo or Goli Baje is a popular snack in Mangalore. It’s requires no grinding and can be made easily. Goli means tiny ball sized. These can be served with chutney of your choice  and in another picture with ginger chutney
Picture Updated :17/5/2020
Let’s get Cooking! Ingredients:
All purpose flour- 2 cups
Bengal gram flour/besan- ½  cup
Buttermilk- ½  cup (if using curd then 1/4 th cup curd +1/4th cup water)*check notes
Water- ½  cup
Sugar-2-3 tsp
Green chillies-4,finely chopped
Salt- to taste
Cooking soda/Baking Soda-1 tsp
Oil- to deep fry
Water-to dip your hands if it gets too sticky

Method: In a bowl add salt,sugar, cooking soda ,minced green chillies ,buttermilk and water.Add maida, gram flour/besan  and prepare the batter to a thick consistency by mixing it with your hands or a hand whipper.Ferment this batter  for an hour.The batter turns to be too rubbery/ looks chewy and that is how it has to be.Heat oil,dip your fingers  in water and take a lime sized batter with your four fin…

Nanchane Duddali / Ragi Manni/Finger Millet Halwa

I have already posted Kuve Pitta(in konkani)/Arrowroot powder/Indh Hudi(in tulu) Duddali, now I am posting Nanchane Duddali. This is made of Finger Millet/Ragi and is very healthy and cool for the body. 

Lets get cooking!

Ingredients: ·Ragi*/ Finger millet- 250 gms ·Milk – 1 cup ·Jaggery (adjust accordingly)- ½ cup ·Cardamom pods-4-5 ·Clarified butter/Ghee- 1 tsp Method:

Wash ragi and then grind it to get a very fine paste. Add water as required. Then strain it to get the thick milk from ragi. Then transfer the remains of ragi from the strainer to a bowl and add little water and again strain this mixture again in the bowl which contains the thick ragi milk. Repeat this process two more times, so ground ragi milk is extracted completely. When the is done lastly take a clean muslin/cotton cloth and strain all the milk so that no residues of the ragi remains in the milk. By doing this you get a clean ragi milk.Now in a deep pan / kadai add the ragi milk , milk (the fresh milk that we get in stor…

Custard Kulfi

Custard kulfi is one easy kulfi recipe if you have prepared custard before hand, for custard recipe please follow my recipe Here. Yields : 6 kulfis  Ingredients :
Freshly prepared custard -1 ½  cup 1 tsp powdered sugar Popsicle moulds
Take the prepared custard in a bowl add sugar and mix well. Now take the kulfi/popsicle mould and add the mixture in the mould till it fills in. Now cover the moulds and place it in the freezer for 5-6 hours or overnight.

 Remove from the moulds and serve immediately. Aps Notes: There is no need to add sugar but if you add it helps in retaining the sweetness after freezing. You can even add some tutti frutti if you wish. Do try this easy recipe and let me know :).
Happy Cooking, Aps 

Fruit Custard

Custard is one simple dessert that can be whipped up with limited ingredients.  It can be served at room temperature or chilled.
INGREDIENTS 1/4th  cup vanilla custard powder2  ½ cups (625ml) milk2 tablespoons caster sugar Fruits of your choice ( here I have used apples,grapes,strawberries, pomegranate seeds)Nuts (slivered pistachios and almonds) METHOD Step 1Combine custard powder and 1/4 cup of the milk in a bowl. Stir until smooth.
Step 2Place custard mixture, sugar and add remaining milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat, stir constantly until custard comes to the boil and thickens. Simmer, stirring for 5 minutes.Add this prepared custard in a large bowl and place it in the refrigerator to cool completely. Step3Chop apples and strawberries into bite sized pieces.Cut the grapes into halves. Just peel the pomegranate to separate the arils.  Keep in the fridge to cool. ·Step 4
Once the custard has completely cooled down add in the fruits and nuts and Serve chill…

Cornflakes Laddoo

In Mangalore we a company  called Pon Pon sells only laddoos. They make different variety of laddoos from Ashtami Laddoo to Bombay laddoo. One unique laddoo I tried from them was Cornflakes laddoo. Yes you heard me right! It is made of the puffed cornflakes we use for chivda. It is crunchy and tasty and my daughter manya loved the taste. We even got some back here and they got empty in a jiffy. She asked me to make it but I was like after all we have to fry it! But yes I love to experiment so I thought of making it with Kellogs Cornflakes and yes it did turn out to be a real Hit! Manya was happy about it and so was I for creating a healthy Dessert/Snack.  Why buy the unhealthy bars when we can make healthy ones at home. Next time I am going to make these as chikkis as it is easy to bite than laddoo(my teeth aren’t strong enough you see ;) ). This is perfect treat for kids Snack box and even a good treat for Diwali. Here is the recipe for Cornflakes Laddoo Preparation Time : 15 mins