Butter Chakkuli/Benne Chakkuli/Butter Murukku

Making butter chakkuli/chakli/murukku was a big challenge to me as the addition of butter had to be right or else the chakkuli would turn too oily or too hard. I have tried it twice in a row and made changes to the chakkuli. While I had added 3 tbsp butter the chakkuli turned out to be too good but oily so I reduced the quantity and the chakkulis were really good.
Lets check how to make butter chakkuli :
2 cups Rice Flour
¼ th cup roasted urad dal flour
Sesame seeds
2 tbsp unsalted and melted Butter, at room temperature
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying
Roasted Urad Dal Flour: Skinned black lentils  are dry roasted and ground to fine powder. Its available at any Indian Grocery stores. But in case you cannot find it, its pretty easy to make right at home in matter of minutes. Roast urad dal (without oil) till they turn slightly brownish and powder them. Now take the powder and sift it at least twice to get a fine powder.

Rice Flour: I used store bought idiyappam flour which I sifted to get a smooth powder.

Let’s get Cooking:
Heat oil for deep frying at medium-high heat. . 
Next add the sesame seeds and salt and mix to combine. Now add the butter and mix it along with the flour to form breadcrumbs like a texture.
Now slowly add in water, little by little
Until the flour comes together into dough almost like puri dough, while you roll the round it shouldn’t have any cracks. If dry and crumbly, add few additional drops of water..
 Take a chakkuli mould. If you don’t have it, take a zip lock bad make a tiny hole in the corner and make roundels.
Pinch of some dough and place it inside the mould. Now using the top, press the dough through the star shaped hole make concentric circles on a butter sheet or a greased spatula.
Now take this raw chakkuli from butter sheet/parchment paper and drop it in the oil. Drop at least 3 chakkulis at a time.
There will be lots of bubbles, The murukku/Chakkuli is done when the bubbles are just about disappear. Strain the oil well from the chakkulis.
Remove it on paper towels.
Once cooled store in a air tight container.

Aps Notes:
Be careful with water. You want just enough water for the dough to come together.
If too sticky it means you have added excess water and your murukku will keep breaking You would have to add more flour but that might change the taste - so careful on water.
You can do this two ways. You can either press it down directly on top of the oil and break them and make it into murrukku.or make chakkuli like I have mentioned. Actually this is easy if you don’t know how to make chakkulis
Do not add too much butter thinking it will make chakkuli soft, it will be crunchy but too oily!

Happy Cooking, 


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