Sakkre Khichdi

Sakkre Khichdi or gonvakano (broken wheat) ani Chanadali(chanadal) khichdi as its known is a sweet dish made with broken wheat and roasted channadal with flavourful coconut and cardamom.
During my mamama’s childhoos such khichdi is served during temple functions or made at home during  dhanurmas(month during November/December) or any special occasions. But these days one can make anything when they wish. This was made just like that. Sakkre khichdi is eating with a thick dosa or elaichi banana(kadali kele as we say in Konkani). I have it just like that but this time I ate it with banana’s and it was so Yum.
To make it real healthy we can add Jaggery to replace Sugar and call it Godda Khichdi.
 Here is what we need to make Sakkre Khichdi:
1. Broken wheat – 1 Cup
2. Chick peas Dal –  ½  Cup
3. Sugar – 1 cup (a little extra if you like it little more sweet)
4. Fresh grated coconut – 1 Cup
5. Broken Cashews – A handul
6. Pure ghee – 2-3 Tablespoons
7. Cardamom powder taken from 5-7 cardamom pods

1. Wash and drain water from broken wheat and keep aside.  Grate coconut, peel and powder cardamom keep aside.
2. Place the pressure cooker on medium flame with 1 teaspoon of pure ghee in it. When it melts,. Then, add Bengalgram/chana dal and fry for about 2-3 minutes till it turns golden brown now add the broken wheat and roast it for a while.
3. Add sufficient quantity of water and cook in the pressure cooker as usual for about 30 minutes till both of them are cooked. Once pressure is entirely released, transfer to a deep bottom pan.
 4. Add required quantity of sugar and fresh grated coconut and let the mixture cook on low flame. Stir at regular intervals to mix it well and prevent the bottom from getting burnt.
5. Separately, heat a tadka pan or a small pan and a teaspoon of pure ghee in it and fry the broken cashews.
6. When the khichdi has mixed well with sugar, add the fried cashews and mix well.  Also add cardamom powder and let it cook it for a while. Serve it with a dollop of pure ghee. Enjoy either hot or even lukewarm. Top it with some elaichi bananas and serve.

Replace the sugar with jaggery to make it healthy.
Happy Cooking,


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