Watermelon Juice - A perfect thirst quencher

We always prefer eating fresh fruits to juice. Especially when it comes to oranges, watermelons and apples. Generally I just cut the green part of watermelon  arrange it in a bowl or plate and not bother about the seeds as I just throw them as and while eating them.
I have made watermelon juice harldly 4-5 times in so many years as they were so sweet that it never went into making juice. Whenever they weren’t sweet I ended up making salads or juice, I used to deseed these and make juice but a friend of mine told me there is no need to do this just pulse it a few times and the juice gets ready.
Watermelon juice is not a rocket science but I wanted my blog to have a few juice recipes so here it is for you all J.

We need:


3 cups watermelon chunks with rind and seeds removed*
1 tsp lemon juice*
5-6 mint leaves
Sugar as per taste *
1/4 tsp of black pepper powder*

 In a blender, take watermelon chunks, add lemon juice and pulse it until smooth. Check the consistency and adjust it with required amount of water. Add sugar, salt, pepper powder and mint leaves. Strain the juice if you have not deseeded the watermelon just like I did. 
Pour the juice in glass, garnish if you want with watermelon pieces if you wish to or mint leaves. Serve it chilled or add ice cubes before serving.

Adding pepper powder,lime juice is totally optional.
I have not deseeded the watermelon as they had very little seeds in it.

Add Sugar according to the sweetness according to the sweetness of the Watermelon.
Happy Cooking,


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