Shevo/ Sev/Plain Sev

Shenvo or Shevo as we call it in Konkani is nothing but plain Sev or Ompudi. It’s a yummy snack to munch on and make even during Diwali. My mom made this when I was in Mangalore and this was lying in my drafts, so I thought this is the right time to bring it out ;).

So here is what we need for Shenvo/Shevo
¼ th kg Gram Flour/Chane Peet/Kadale hittu
2 tbsp hot oil
Asafoetida – 3-4 pinches or hing water as required
Oil to deep fry
Salt to taste (approx 1 tsp check taste and then add extra)

Firstly Sieve gram flour.

Now add salt, hing water, and hot oil in the gram flour and mix, now add very little water and make a thick paste.

The paste must be of this consistency.

Meanwhile heat oil in a deep pan.
Now take a Sev acchu/machine and the add the mixture in it and press it in circular motion in the hot oil.

Just like this.
The oil will start bubbling don’t panic.
Fry the Shevo in medium flame so that it gets cooked evenly.

Gradually the bubbling will stop and this is the time when the Sev is almost done.
Remove the Shevo in a  Steel colander or Paper towel.

Once cooled gently crush it. Make sure you don’t powder it. 

Now the Shevo is done, store it in a Airtight container.
Enjoy your Shevo as a evening snack or anytime snack or make it this diwali. 

Happy Cooking,


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