Adraki Mushroom with Palak

 I we love Palak in any form, here we include Hubby, the 3.5 year old daughter, and me. May be it a stir fry, Palak Paneer,Palak Rice or even Palak pan Polo. Isn’t is great feeling when your little girl eats greens without any fuss. Touch wood :D.

Here is another palak dish which I made to go along with Pumpkin Paratha.
I have Pumpkin Paratha recipe in my blog here. The picture is revisited J .

Here is the Recipe of Adraki Mushroom :

2 bunches palak
1 packet of mushrooms –washed and cubed
2 onions - 1 sliced and another one finely chopped
1 tomato, chopped
1 - 2 green chillies
1” chopped ginger
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
A Pinch of turmeric powder
¼ th tsp hing
2 tbsp besan - make a paste with water
salt, sugar according to taste
½  tsp garam masala
1 " ginger  - cut into fine juliennes for garnish
Salt to taste
Sugar a tsp


Wash, rinse spinach/palak in running water. Remove the thick portion of the stem. [You can follow any method to clean it but make sure to clean it well from all dirt]. Roughly chop the leaves. Blanch it in hot water with sugar. Now drain and put the leaves in a bowl containing ice cold water {adding ice cold water helps to retain the green color}.

Heat oil in a deep bottom pan/wok. Add sliced onions, chopped ginger pieces and fry it for a minute. Drop chopped tomatoes in the pan and sauté it until the tomatoes turn soft. Switch off the flame and allow the mixture to cool. Transfer the mixture to mixer vessel and blend it with blanched palak, chopped green chilly to a smooth paste.

Next heat oil in the above pan again, add cumin seeds and as they crackle, add fennel seeds and sauté it for few seconds. Add hing, turmeric powder, finely chopped onions and sauté it till they turn translucent. Add the mushroom cubes, stir in well and then add smooth palak paste. Add the besan/gram flour paste, mix it well. Add salt, sugar and cook it covered for 5 minutes on medium flame. The curry will thicken now; add water to adjust the consistency as per your preference. Add garam masala, give a good stir and switch off the flame after one minute. Cover the pan with lid.

 Garnish with the reserved ginger julienne and serve it warm as side dish.
 Goes very well with Pumpkin Paratha or roti or Simple Jeera rice Or any Chapathi of your choice.

You can add 2 garlics finely chopped as soon as you add the oil in the wok/pan.
Adjust the green chillies according to your spice level.I have not added much as we like it mild.

Happy Cooking,


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