Tendle Talasani

Here finding good ivy gourd is not easy. Either its ripened or not fresh. So whenever we get these cute gourd we just don’t think to buy it.
Here is a yummy and simple recipe with Ivy gourd. Tendle as we call it in Konkani is tempered in lots of garlic and chillies. And the yummy stir fry is ready.
Recipe for Tendle Talasani

We need :
Ivy gourds(tendli) 2 cups
Red chili long ones 4-5
Oil 1 tbl spn *
 Garlic cloves 7 (10-12 if Indian garlic is used) crushed
Salt to taste

Wash the ivy gourds/ tendle and remove the ends of ivy gourds and crush them slightly.
Add salt to these and allow to rest for atleast half an hour.
After half an hour squeeze the tendle/ivy gourd and keep aside for later use.
In a Kadai/Wok heat oil add crushed garlic and fry them till golden brown.
When done add in broken red chillies and stir for a second or 2 until the chillies get crisp.
Now add in the squeezed and crushed garlic and mix well.
Just sprinkle some water and allow it to cook covered.
Stir in in between making sure that ivy gourds do not burn.
Fry them until slight crisp, remove from flame.
Serve hot with dal and rice or Rasam and rice. 

Add more chillies if you love your dish spicy.
check for salt if necessary add it when the ivy gourd is cooking.
Add 2 tbsp oil if you are not much concious like me ;)

Happy Cooking,


Jeena suraj said…
Hi.Thanks for visiting my blog.
This recipe is new to me. Nicly made ivy gourd-tendli.
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