Sweet recipes for Navratri and Dussehra

For Recipes click on the pictures.
Laddoo/ Laddu Recipes

Charmbure/ Charmuri Undo        Snowball Laddoo                          Kare Undo
Photobucket     Photobucket

Churmundo/ Wheat flour Laddoo    Malai Laddoo

      Dry Fruit Laddoo

Kheer Recipes

Vermicelli Kheer                       Chiroti Kheer                              Phool Makhana Kheer

 Pear Kheer                                Pumpkin & Red Rice Flakes Kheer by Priya

Some new, some old but in total madewith Love .
Enjoy making it this Navratri.
May god bless each and every one of you Happy Navratri from Aps Kitchen.


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