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Snowball Laddoos aka Rawa Laddoos

Today being Ganesh Chaturthi many of you all are busy just as I was. We here do not keee any idol but just do a small pooja and say prayers and bhajan. I just thought I will post something within the day ends.
I had made these laddoos following Nestle milkmaid recipe. My daughter loved it so much that she has asked me to do it again J.
It is actually a  rawa laddoo nothing much fancy but the name can be fancy isn’t it? So I named them Rawa Laddoo. 

Here is recipe for Rawa Ladoo


Semolina- 1 and ½  cups
Desiccated Coconut – ½  cup +2 tbsp to roll in the laddoos
Sweetened Condensed Milk- 1 ¼ th cup
Milk- around 3 tbsp
Cardamom Powder- ½  tsp
Cashews and Rasins a handfull
Ghee- 1 tbsp
Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and fry the cashews until light brown color. Take them out of the ghee and set aside.  In the same pan, add the semolina and fry continuously on a medium flame till they change color to light golden.  Now add the desiccated coconut to it and fry for a few second…

Sago Idli/Sabudana Idli

I am experimenting with Idlis now…. I normally make the regular idli (which is not in my blog yet but soon it will be), Udid Rulava idli, Rawa idli(another to be here ) and Varai/samo rice idli and some sweet idlis. Apart from these I have never ventured on making something interesting. As M’s school will re open from next month I thought I must innovate some new tiffin box recipes and idlis are the  one thing which she likes. So I thought why not make sabudana idli and googled if there was any to surprise me there were many but all used whole sago but I did not want to do that thinking using whole sago may turn into sticky idlis(may not be true) I must try it someday with a little quantity.

So this time I ground the batter and made my version of Sago Idli.
Ingredients ·For the Batter ·1 cup Idli Rice ·½  cup Sabudana (Sago pearls/Sabakki) ·¾th cups fat free Yogurt ·¼ th cup grated coconut (frozen works too) · salt to taste Tempering/Seasoning ·1/2 tsp Mustard seeds ·1-2 green chillies, thinl…

Guest Blogging # 5 - Tomato Rasam by Chethana

Hello to all Aps Kitchen readers, A year back I had wonderful guests sharing their wonderful recipes, just like that I thought this year I will welcome more guests and showcase their wonderful recipes here in Aps Kitchen. Its more than 5 years I have never blogged about tomato rasam here in my blog. The reason is I always have not got the right shot for it. I have n number of pictures but all not upto the mark. Now that doesn’t mean all my photos are awesome ;) . getting a rasam snap is not a easy task for me ;). Let us move on to today’s guest, she is a lovely lady, a darling and my good friend Chethana. I’ve known her since school times, she was not my school mate or classmate but we were commuting friends and our friendship grew as years passed by. This lady is multi talented I must say. She turns a piece of cloth into a crayon pouch or waste papers into a basket and what not. Not only this she is a crochet designer she just loves doing it. You are a super girl Chetu J.
Coming to her …

Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami - Charmuri/Charmbure Undo/Mur mura Ladoo/Kurmure ki laddoo

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all the readers of Aps Kitchen. Today I am posting a healthy Laddoo recipe it is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients. For Charmuri(charmburi) Undo/Puffed Rice Laddoowe need: Charmuri /puffed rice/mandakki– 1 ¼ th cup Chikki Jaggery(you c an use normal jaggery but see note)  grated or powdered– 1 cup Cardamom – 2 crushed into fine powder 1 tsp ghee

Method: Heat a deep bottom kadai/wok and add in the Chikki Jaggery and 3 tbsp of water and allow it to boil. Keep stirring in between and make it into a thick liquid/syrup. (Check notes). Once the syrup is done remove the Wok/kadai from flame and add in the cardamom powder abd cleaned Charmuri/puffed rice and mix well. Apply generous amount of ghee to your hands and make lemon sized ball out of this mixture and your Charmuri Laddoos are ready. Notes:
if you are not using chikki jaggery, but using the normal jaggery then add only 2 tbsp of water to the mixture and make a thick syrup as mentioned abov…

Ashtami Undo - Kare Laddoo

Hello everyone. How are you all? The festive mood is on all over the world. It starts from Krishna Janmashtami and continues with various other festivals. Festivals not only bring joy but also gets all the old memories live. Krishna janmashtami is one such festival which was celebrated in a grand way in my Mamama’s place. Mamama used to prepare so many varieties of savory and sweets. And I used to wait for the pooja to end only to relish the delicious food mamama made.

Over the years in mom’s house I never got a chance to wait for it. Not because amma never made such delicious snacks, but because she never made a custom of making  savories or snacks specially for janmashtami. She had a thought that if any day we couldn’t make it (whatever the reasons would be) we will end up feeling bad , instead just keep a prasadam like sheera  or godu phovu or a plateful of fruits and offer it to god and get blessed.
Amma would make these delicacies anytime we wanted. There was no need of any specia…

Chilli Chutey

This is a simple chutney which requires no coconut, Yes you heard me right no coconut. I’ve got it from one of our friend Padma. Here is the recipe for Red Chilli Chutney

15 red chillies – The Long variety ones
1 and ½  tbsp  of Tamarind paste/Imli paste
Salt to taste

For tempering: A tsp of oil ½ tsp mustard seeds Hing a pinch

Wash the red chillies and dry them on a kitchen towel.
Chop the heads and cut them roughly and keep aside for later use.
Take a mixer grinder jar/blender jar and add the chopped red chilly pieces, the tamarind paste and salt to taste. Make it into a fine paste. Empty the chuntey into a clean jar.
Now heat a small tadka pan add in a tsp of oil and once hot add in ½ tsp of mustard seeds once the seeds splutter add in hing and temper it over the chutney.
Mix the chutney well.
Serve it with Dosa, or spread it on bread or just have it as sides with steamed rice and Enjoy J.

You can adjust the tamarind paste according to your taste buds. You can even…

Pineapple Menskai

Menskai is a sweet and and sour dish which is speciality of South Kanara especially among Brahmins. It is common in weddings in SK. I have been making this from past 3 years, yes you heard me right only 3 years and the reason behind it is that I neaver knew the recipe neither did I search anywhere nor did I taste it. Being in South kanara I did not taste it as it was not famous among us Amchis, but now that I have tasted it and have gotten the recipe I try it whenever I have a little sour pineapple.It can be made with raw mangoes or even hog plums. 

Recipe for Pineapple Menskai: Haf pineapple 1 tbsp coconut fresh or frozen 1 lime sized jaggery or 2 tbsp jaggery Salt to taste To Roast : 1 tbsp coriander seeds 1 tbsp urad dal/ black gram dal 1 tsp methi seeds/fenugreek seeds 2 tsp white sesame seeds 15 kashmiri red chillies For Tempering: 2 tsp oil ½ tsp mustard seeds Curry leaf 1 sprig 

Method: Heat a pan and roast the items listed in To Roast one by one and keep aside to cool. Meanwhile remove the p…