Pudina Chutney - For Sandwiches, Tikka or Kebab

Sandwiches are the most easy Junks to make in a Jiffy if you have things handy. Especially if you have this chutney ready you can make it within half the time than what it takes.
I normally make Veg sandwich at home which all the three of us love to. My daughter loves chutney cheese sandwich in which she parts the bread slices eats the cheese first and then the bread :D.
I make this chutney less spicy as little girl also eats it along with us and Mint also has its own spice.

Here is a simple recipe for Mint Chutney which can be used for Sandwiches, or sides for Tikka’s or kebabs.
Fresh Coriander leaves 1/2 cups
Fresh mint leaves 1 cup
Grated fresh coconut 1tbsp.( optional, i did not use)
Green chilies 2 or more
Salt as per taste
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Garlic pod 1 peeled

Wash the leaves and transfer them in mixer/blender and blend all ingredients (adding lemon juice not only gives a tangyness but also keeps the green color in tact)to a fine paste.

U can reverse the mint and corriander proportion too if u dont like too much minty flavor!

Ciao till my next post,


divya said…
looks sooooo yummy n tempting..
Chitz said…
Flavorful chutney.. I too make like this !
Priya Suresh said…
Cant imagine having chaat foods or Indian style sandwiches without this chutney.

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