Karmbi Nonche /Brined raw mango pickle

Pickle is such a thing which can always make me salivate for more! Any kinds of pickles can make the same to me. I still remember Amma making bottles of them and me being the first one to check if its ready to use. Even after hundreds of no I couldn’t stop from checking it.  Especially the Raw mango pickles and the ivy gourd ones, even if the pickle was not ready I used to dig in a spoonful of it and wash the r.mango or ivy gourd and eat them (you call me insane I never mind :D ).

Just like Amma used to make them and I used to relish it now my daughter does it… Yes the same washing  raw mangoes or tendli/ivy gourd business. But the only difference is I do it for her ;). She too loves pickles raw mangoes and tendli the way I we do. I feel so happy when I make pickles at home thinking that I am not the category who crib on such lengthy procedures and then continue on the pickle making thing.
After lot of talking and praising myself I am posting a Version of Raw mango pickle which in Konkani is known as Karmbi Nonche.  Karmbi means brined raw mango pieces. The raw mangoes and washed and cut into small bite size cubes and then brined in salt water for 2-3 days and then used to make pickle.
So here is what we need and how to make it:

So here is what we need and how to make it:


Raw mangoes 2 big ( cubes will come around to more than 2 cups)
Salt 1/2 cup
Water boiled and cooled to room temperature- less than 1/4th cup
Mustard seeds 2 tea spns
Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp
Asafoetida powder 1/4 tea spn or Asafoetida granules(big sized) 2
Red Chillies – 12 Short (Adjust spice according to your taste buds) * Refer Notes
Lemon/Lime juice- 1 tbsp (this would be necessary only if the raw mangoes are not sour)
Wipe the mangoes with clean cloth to remove any traces of water. Cut them into bite size pieces and add salt and water(boiled and cooled). Keep aside for 1-2 days. This is called 'Karmbi'.
On the third day grind  red chillies,mustard seeds, asafoetida,turmeric powder by adding very little salt water into a very smooth paste( the brined water which we used for brining raw mangoes, do not use any other water and there should not be any traces of water in any of the vessels used to make pickle. Water spoils the pickle soon).
Add the ground masala to mangoes and mix well.
The first day this pickle should taste a bit salty, as the later days the spices and salt will get balanced equally
Store in air tight container, refrigerate and consume within a month ( here it does not remain for so long ;)) or till the Mangoes do not turn squishy and soft.

U can use 10 short and 5 long chillies also.
If you find the mentioned chillies less then adjust accordingly or you can use 12 chillies and in case of extra spice requirement you can add chilli powder also.
Make sure the jar you use to store pickle is clean and dry orelse the pickle will spoil.

It’s the same while grinding the pickle masala or karmbi, do not use normal water always use boiled water cooled at room temperature.


Unknown said…
Love ur version. Missing Amchigele food a lot.
Shree said…
nice recipe ! looks delicious !

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