Alambe Ambat/ Thunder Mushroom Gravy

Its been 5 long years that I ate alambe aka thunder mushrooms and like every year I felt like eating it this year too when I saw heaps of pictures in food groups and friends posts, and soon I told amma that I am craving for it and wish I could get some here.
"Gud Gud Alambe" as it is called in Konkani, is nothing but wild mushrooms that grows in the hilly regions near the coastal area of Mangalore only during the start of the monsoon when there is lot of thunder and lightning.
Like many other Indian communities, the Konkani community is also famous for hunting all kinds of wild but edible fruits, leaves, barks, stems, flowers and roots and cooking mouth watering delicacies out of them.
Gud Gud means thunder in Konkani, hence this mushroom can be called as ‘Thunder mushrooms’.
They are little different from the regular mushrooms in that they do not have stem and they are totally round in shape and need to be peeled individually - a tedious task that is done by almost everyone in the family together with chit chats on till the end of the task.
This is how the Gud Gud Alambe looks before cleaning and peeling - Pic Source Google 

For my luck one of our friend was about to come from Mangalore and amma told me that I will send the gud gud alambe with him and my joy had no bounds.
Then slowly amma told I will make curry on the whole and send It as she was sending it for first time she thought freezing it and then taking it out will drip down water and what not! I knew nothing would happen but amma insisted that she would make a thick curry and send it in air tight container and I can add water to it as required.  Aren't Mom’s the nest person in the world??? I am telling not because she was sending it to me but they take care of kids likes and dislike every time, every second. And atlast I received my curry when our friend came. But to my surprise I came to know Dad made it for me because amma could not make it due to some work.. Now isn’t that a wonderful thing?
I Love U Anu for this and for everything u gave me and did for me 

This is such a curry  or anything made with gud gud alambe is one which we (hubby, m and me) can enjoy just like that. Yes you heard me right Lil M also loves mushrooms and relishes on it just like we do J

So here is the recipe of Alambe Ambat

Gud Gud Alambe( thunder mushrooms) – 1 kg washed cleaned and shelled
Grated coconut Fresh or frozen (Fresh tastes better)
Roasted red chllies – 5
Tamarind a small ball (around 2 peanut sized)
Onion -2 finely chopped (1+1)
Coconut oil – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Grind coconut along with roasted red chillies and tamarind into a fine paste.
Cook the Magge/Chinese cucumber and 1 chopped onion with a little water (say about 1/4th cup because the cucumber by itself leaves excess water) to it.
Now add the alambe and salt and cook for 2 more minutes.
Then add the ground masala and bring it to boil for around 2-3 good bubble boils.
Switch off the flame.
In a small fry pan heat the coconut oil and fry the remaining chopped onions till golden brown color and season it over the curry and Serve hot with white rice or Pan Polo or any kind of Dosa.



Shree said…
Thanks for dropping by Aps. following you :)
divya said…
oh wow... absolutely love it...
Priya Suresh said…
Delicious gravy, makes a wonderful pair with rice na..

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