Summer Treats #5 - Musk Melon and Pear Ice Cream

Hello Folks, 
             Hopefully all are In pink of health. How is the summer treating you??? This whole week here it was bubye to summer and was so cloudy and drizzling way in and out… So it was a kind of dizzy weather. But apart from all that we still kept enjoying the cool things that I am making this summer.

I have always tried making yogurt ice creams and this year I have been trying different flavors and this one is such a flavor which one may not have tried and neither did I ! If my pears were not too ripe probably I would not have tried this too! So its muskmelon and pear ice cream…
Muskmelon because I had tried Gelato muskmelon and loved the flavor and pear because it was getting too ripe and thought pear alone would not have given a flavor of its own so the combination of both made a delicious ice cream.

So here is the recipe for Muskmelon and Pear Ice Cream:
Let me tell you what u need:s
Red Pear- 1 (u can use green too)
Muskmelon peeled and cut into cube – ¼ th cup
Milk – ½ cup
Whipping cream – 4tbsp
Sugar to taste ( I used just 1.5tbsp as pear and muskmelon were pretty sweet)
Now lets start making it:
 Blend Pear and Mushkmelon( about 1 pear and a small pc of melon)- Puree comes to a little more than 1/2 a cup in a mixer add milk(1/2 cup) to it then 4 tbsp whipping cream and sugar for taste Blend all together and freeze it for 3 hrs take it over and blend again twice in next 2 hrs.(doing this makes your ice cream soft and creamy).

I Am sending this to Nithu's Kitchen

And I feel its perfect for Kids as well as We elders :)
With a cool post its
| saying Bye!


Sowmya Madhavan said…
Yummy combo...looks delicious
divya said…
looks scrumptiously tasty dear
Lubna Karim said…
Feel like having it right now....
Priya Suresh said…
Luscious and droolworthy icecream,love to finish that bowl.
Sushma Mallya said…
Hi Aps,how are you? how is your little one....i hardly find time to blog these days as other things are keeping me really busy....and thats a different but am sure must be very yummy ...

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