Mayo Spread Crackers

I’ve been making something’s so regularly but somehow either don’t get time to take pictures or if taken no time to post. Somehow I get busy with my little one the whole day and the time that I get to browse I feel lazy to write, but today I have decided not to get lazy and get posting One of Our Favorite Recipe.
I made this for a Picnic potluck…where we friends (no Hubby’s allowed) decided to cook a single dish and Enjoy in A Park along with Kids.  I had made this dish within 15 minutes, infact I had no recipe in mind neither prior thought what I was going to cook as I got the news about picnic just the day before around 8 p.m…. the reason being we(Lil M and I) hadn’t been to park almost for a week(in the month of December) as lil one wasn’t keeping well for days, that cough and cold had troubled her badly, and to this my friends had thought they must not disturb The Tired Mommy(that’s Me) and just invited me.
The Inner me wasn’t that happy just to go bare handed So These Mayo Spread Crackers came to my mind on that day.. Mind Me it was a Hit not only among Kids but All my friends loved it J. I have made it so many times at home then on and how could I miss sharing the recipe with u lovely ones!

I have realized that I have written so much after a long time, lol. Before u ask me to Stop let me move on to the recipe.
I used eye measurements u can do the same if u wish to, but I have given the measurements below.
Mayonnaise – 1 cup
Corn Kernels(fresh or frozen)- 1/4th cup
Diced Green Capsicum – 3 tbsp
Diced Tomatoes(deseeded) – 3 tbsp *(see notes)
Finely chopped onion – 1 small
Tomato ketchup – 1 tbsp
Salt a pinch
Rice Crackers- 1 packet *(see notes)

Lets Start Cooking
Firstly Cook corn kernels.
In a bowl add 1 cup mayonnaise then add cooked corn kernels, capsicum, tomatoes, and onion one by one and mix well. Add the tomato ketchup, salt and mix it again.
In A Plate arrange Rice crackers and spread 1 spoon of mixture over every cracker.
Serve Immediately.

Along with us the tiny little one also enjoyed these.
Ø  Make sure the Tomatoes aren’t over ripe. This can make the mixture a little watery after somewhile.
Ø  If u don’t find rice crackers then u can use any kind of salt biscuits or any crackers of your choice.
Ø  I have made mine with salt biscuits like Monaco too that also tasted Wow.
Ø  If you want to make more of this then just double the quantity and make this as a spread for your sandwich. 

Enjoy these Crunchy Snacks with A Sip of Coffee or Serve it as a Starter for Kids Parties  or picnic (like the way I made) or any way u wish
With this its time to say Bye,


Priya Suresh said…
Excellent snack, feel like grabbing and munching some.

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