Home Made Ghee - Its Always Super!

These days the Ghee what we get in stores is not so fragrant as we got before (no offence meant, its my personal feeling). I either make Ghee at home or most of the time Amma makes a big bottle of of it for us.

Last time when our friend had come back from India had got a bottle of ghee which Amma sent and unfortunately it got over last week... Now that i dint want to get Ghee from a store(mainly because i serve it for my Little Darling) I thought of making it at home.
Back i  India we make butter by churning fermented cream or milk, but here we never have a chance of getting cream out of milk so i got a log of butter and made Ghee.
It Smells So Divine and I love the flavor of homemade Ghee.

So here is how I made it.
We need:
400 gms Butter

Method :
  • Heat A Pan and Add the whole log of butter in it 
  • Allow the Butter to melt.
  • Once the butter has melted it will slowly start bubbling.
  • When the liquid stops bubbling it means the ghee is done.
  • Switch off the flame and allow it to cool down
  • Then sieve the ghee in a vessel and transfer it in a Air Tight Bottle.

Isnt that So Simple?
So what are u waiting for?
Try it out at home and U all will tell Ah it was So easy!!
With this Flavorful post Its 
  saying Bye!


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