Guest Blogging - Recipe # 2

I got a good response through mail for my first guest blogging recipe J. Thanks toPriya Again J
One of my Reader P wanted me to post a recipe with Fish and that too A Authentic Konkani Style. And that is because she is married to a Amchi- A Konkani Guy and she hardly knows any Konkani dishes.
Now that I am A Vegetarian I hardly knew any recipes or say I never know any! But As HE eats it I peep into other Blogs and sites to make it for him. But I normally make make masala for fish fry and allow him to do the rest.
I almost had forgotten about the request P made so she mailed me this month asking if I can  ask my DH if he knew any.. and soon it Lit in my mind that i’ll surely do that soon but not ask Him instead ask one of my FB friend who is a good cook J She Loves cooking too just like me, but she is fond Of Sea Food Unlike me!
Ever since I have been friends with Saigeetha I have seen Lots of recipes from her which are just Wow, moreover Lots of Sea food recipes. So I thought she would be the right choice to share a Authentic Konkani Fish Recipe.
Here is what Sai has to say :
I am Saigeetha .S. Pai, a homemaker and cooking is my passion. I am just working on my blog Geeths Dawath. I love seafood and cook more of it. I love to try different cuisine and experiment it in my kitchen and master it till I learn it. I love to collect recipe books and kitchen gadgets. I enjoy watching cookery shows.
I thank Aparna for inviting me for her guest post .Aps Kitchen is truly very good. What I noticed is she has a pretty good  collection of  recipes with more of health benefits. I just enjoyed exploring her blog. Keep it up Aps!
Coming back to my guest post I will be posting a traditional  Konkani dish on seafood.Pomfret ginger onion known as Pomfret Alle Piyavu in konkani.Alle means ginger and piyavu means onion. This dish goes well with rice. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Ingredients for the masala:

Pomfret-2 sliced into pieces
Coconut-1 cup
Long Red chillies-7

Short red chillies-5
Tamrind-marble sized
Salt-to taste


Onions-1 chopped very finely
Ginger- 1"chopped finely
Coconut oil- 2tsp


1)Fry both the chillies till crisp.

2) Next grind all the masala ingredients into a fine paste.

3) Add water to adjust the consistency.

4) Add chopped onions and ginger to the gravy and allow it to boil for a little time.

5) Add salt and fish and take a boil.

6)  Once it starts bubbling Switch Off the flame.

7) Lastly add coconut oil over the top of the curry.


We fry the red chillies and store it in a airtight container.

Once you add the fish don't put the spatula as the fish might crumble.

You can just turn the vessel by holding the side handles.

Thank U for sparing time to send me such a super B post Saigeetha J
Tastes Yummy when u add Lozza Love in It
I hope all of u will like this fishy oops Fish Curry! 

Wave Wave till the Next Guest Blogging,


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