Go Green- Palak Pan Polo

See I m here again within a week! This makes me feel happy too and I am sure it makes u feel good too!

Feel good?? U may ask me why? I have got u a  innovative and a healthy recipe!
Last week I got a mail from a lady saying she wants Pan polo recipe and she even asked me if I could give her a healthy dosa version! So here is one for Her and U all!
Simple as ever!


Palak Pan Polo
We Need:
1 cup white rice (preferably dosa rice)
2 tbsp scraped coconut
Salt to taste
Palak/Spinach puree 1 cup
Blanch Palak and Grind it into fine puree without adding water.
Soak rice overnight.
Next day grind rice with 2 tbsp coconut and Palak Puree to very fine batter
Add water to the batter to make it into thick liquid batter.
Then add salt and mix well.
Heat dosa pan & spread the batter in such a way that u r spilling it all over the Pan. Just add little oil after spreading the dosa
Keep for just a minute, and then fold in a triangle shape & remove over a plate and Serve hot along With Honey or Red Chutney or Kotla Nonche or starfruit pickle.

Note: I had a huge amount of palak so I had a Big vessel of puree from which I measured 1 small cup.
          Adding extra coconut or palak puree may get you sticky dosas/polo.


I m sure S u are happy with this version of dosa.
This is useful for kids who do not eat greens, as they love dosa’s and the color will surely attract them!

Tastes Yum Yum Face Eating Yellow Smiley Decoration Images when u add lozza loveYellow Smiley Face In Love Decoration Images in it.

With a Healthy note its time to say Bu bye,


divya said…
looks colorful n healthy..

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