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A Guilt Free Snack- Masala kadalo

Hello There!How are all ya?? Here I m Busy 24*7 running behind my little Naughty Daughter!! So Blogging has taken a place behind. But yes I haven’t forgotten it! I hardly get time to browse also, but yes no reasons let’s get into todays topic.. Guilt free snack!!! When I saw one of my friend R asking for microwave peanuts I wondered how it would turn and was waiting for her review and when she told it’s a keeper I thought I must give it a try and to my notice it was from one of our fellow blogger friend Tina

Here is the recipe: Ingredients: vGram flour 1 cup vRaw peanuts 1 cup vKashmiri  Chilli powder 1Tbspn vTurmeric powder 1/4 Tbspn vAsafetida a pinch vVegetable oil  3 Tbspn vWater 1/4 cup vSalt to taste  Firstly take the raw peanuts and microwave it for 2 minutes on high and make it crunchy. (The actual recipe doesn’t ask this but I found doing this makes the peanuts crunchier)Add all the ingredients into a microwave safe bowl except oil and water. Mix it and pour vegetable oil into this and…