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Home Remedies.... Always A Success

Hello Everybody.... There is No recipe this time.... Instead Home remedies which I have tried and tested on Me.... Since its long time i was not active in blogging i thought I must get active through sending something to Event... And I feel great to send this to a new blog which i recently visited.... This post is forHome Remedies Series 2 guest hosted by Ruchikacooks, event by A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine. My mom never wasted a single fruit.... every time we gave her a fruit she always used it her way that is A small piece on the face...nd we always blabbered Amma y do u waste the fruit.... later on I realized how it works when I used it myself :) Here r some tips for Glowing Skin..... I m sure many spend a lots of money on parlors ( i don't tell ya not to but try things at home and be healthy with your skin).... Mash banana with milk and apply it on face . Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.A piece of papaya when applied to the face can do a similar magic.Massage with A tb…

Tila Undo/ Til Laddoo/ White sesame seed Sweet Balls

Its been pretty long time I posted any food item.... I apologize for the delay... Have u forgotten me by any chance????? I hope No..... Though m not a lover of sweets I can eat any sweet made at home.... (that doesn mean i dont eat store brought ones :P)... Amma makes such lovely goodies Yummm I love them.... Now that Amma and mamama is here m enjoying the goodies she is making...may be it laddoo or Ubbati (Obattu)... Its always Yum.... :) This is my first experiment with Laddoo's with Amma's measurements.... :) Til Laddoo

White Sesame seeds 1 cup
*Jaggery/Gud 1 cup
Ghee/Clarified butter 1/4 th cup
Cardamom powder 1/2 teaspoon
Cashe Nuts Few for decorating

Note : This jaggery is specially called "Laddu Jaggery or Chikki Jaggery". It is meant for making ladoos and is less brittle when cooked. You can use the regular jaggery if it not available in your local Indian grocery store.
Roast the sesame seeds . Keep aside for cooling. After the peanuts are cold, skin it a…

Happy Ugaadi

Its been long long time since I wrote a post..... or hopped in ur blogs or left comments... Mind me i was really bz getting settled down.... Sorry for that hope to visit soon nd be bac vth something Interesting.... I still remember Last year I celebrated Ugaadi in Saudi Arabia... U can check it here nd this time I m in our Home Country India... in Mumbai.... Nd yeh if ne one down here r in Mumbai.... do get in contact vth me We will have gr8 Fun.
Let all the bitter things wipe off and welcome sweet memories in.....

Wishing Each Nd Every one A Very Happy Ugaadi nd A Prosperous New Year... May God Bless your Family.
Signing of for now, ,