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Kamal Kadai Creation by Aps

I Kno my blog name is *Aps Kitchen* but Apart from Kitchen I love Creating Artistic Stuffs...... SO here's one among them
Kamal Kadai sounds like a dish isn’t it?? but it isn’t a dish but a stitch which is used to design on clothes…….. This is my most fav stitch nd will always remain……
As soon I was done vth my Graduation I got bugd up sitting at home so decided to go for a short term fashion designing…but I left it off vthin 3 months bcoz I couldn’t stay the lady who taught us there always irritating…partial………no one in the class xpt few chamchas liked her and to her fate and my bad luck she left vthin tht yr…… and I regretted to leave the class….. but I made it to learn embroidery and joined the classes… we had more of fun in the class than learning but still we made it to learn. The first day when I was shown 32 stitches vch I had to learn I loved this stich. Each day I was waiting as to when I wud learn the stitch and alas! I learnt and soon I designes a salwar kameez vth this s…